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Hey members and watchers~!

It has come to my attention that the gallery is very active. We appreciate it heaps and thank everyone that are constantly submitting to the galleries. Unfortunately, a number of members are abusing the privileges a bit too much. Which is why I have no choice to change the submission guidelines and constrict the uploading limit to a maximum of 2 uploads per week per member! Do not worry though, this is just temporary for now as myself and Trakker cannot always get to ALL submission queries that are sent to the club.

FAQ: What's going to happen to the submissions that are currently awaiting approval and is over the 2 per week per member limit?

Hate to say it but the new guidelines are going to be in full effect immediately so I'm going to review the current submission requests and then only take 2 from each member. For now I'll accept one from each member, just in case for the members that have requested more than 2 submissions but wish to change their mind or decide on which two they want to submit for the week. I'll leave there til 12th July and then I'll just take down and decline whatever submissions that haven't been attended to...

Also, I've noticed that people are still submitting to the incorrect folders. They're either don't know that there's actual folders for the different kinds of deviations we allow members to submit to or that they just don't care. PLEASE, properly request your submissions into the correct folders as so. I've had to decline so many people that have sketches they want to put up into the Just Miles when there's clearly a sketch folder for example...

So if you refer to our last Blog entry, we are still currently looking for dedicated people who would like to apply as a moderator. Such a big group like this one, we're gonna need plenty of help!

So either drop a comment here, send a note to either myself (goldhedgehog) or Trakker or even to the Group with: Group mod as the subject or anything along those lines. Ones that have had previous experiences in maintaining or moderating any sort of forum or online community will definitely help give you a chance in us considering you a part of the team but other than that; we want people that can be dedicated and pro-active with helping me and Trakker keeping the group organised, etc.

Thanks for reading everyone. Tails Forever~! :P

:icontrakker: & :icongoldhedgehog:
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Affiliation Guidelines::

:bulletgreen: Sonic Related.
:bulletgreen: No pairings.
:bulletgreen: No exclusive clubs. eg. Fangirls or Fanboys etc.
:bulletgreen: No multiples or same themed clubs.
:bulletgreen: Anti, hate or any of those sort of groups will not be accepted.
:bulletgreen: We are allowed at any time, remove any affiliate if the group is not active, according to our own judgements.
:bulletgreen: Must have a presentable group icon. Does not have to be the best graphically designed icon. Just as long it represents the group well.
:bulletgreen: No fancharacter groups please. (What kind of person would have one? Obviously someone who thinks high of themselves...)
:bulletgreen: By becoming an affiliate with us, you're agreeing that you understand the term and definition of affiliation. Please do not ask for affiliation just for the sake of it that you are a group.


Group Info

This is a group for Miles "Tails" Prower, He's been running with sonic since 1992 and some might say, he's better than the blue speedster, well... thats what we say here anyway!
Founded 11 Years ago
Jun 7, 2003


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Fan Club

1,765 Members
1,892 Watchers
119,144 Pageviews
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Ask-Tails-fox Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
can I join
gemilathehedgehog Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 i like tails very much :)
Dark-seid Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Tails is one of my favorites characters of Sonic and i made this:…
TailsFan1997 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist
Wander-Sparkle Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
awesome club I'm in love thousands prower My favorite character from sonic the hedgehog Thanks for accepting me I love to draw tails I'm excited :DDDDDD
WingedHippocampus Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
While I staunchly uphold your right to run your club however you like, I do not allow my work to be featured in galleries nor do I participate in clubs with anti-LGBT policies. Thank you for your interest, but I must decline your offer.

Thank you!

Trakker Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure what this is referring too, possibly whichever image was requested was probably suggested by someone else (we don't actively seek out deviations), it appears in our in-boxes, and if it looks OK, we say yes, then it sends a message to you (but there is no way to tell it's suggested until you click yes, silly system)

And Whats this about anti-LGBT policies, are you just listing your rules for clarification? Or are you under the impression the group is anti-LGBT? Which isn't exactly a fair assessment, this group tries to represent Tails "in-canon". and in-canon he is heterosexual. The Zero tollerance (I assume you're referring) is basically to discourage people from trying to submit picture of Tails having sex or high intimate scenes, and that applies to both Heterosexual and homosexual. This group tried to maintain an "E" for everyone atmosphere.
WingedHippocampus Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
"No porn" covers everything without making a point of singling out "yaoi/yuri", which makes people come to the conclusion that I did.

On a personal note, the exclusion clause you just now mentioned hits a further sour note with me. While I actually agree that I see him as a straight kind of guy in adulthood, Tails is like eight to ten years old and exists in several 'canon' worlds and timelines. While some do answer the question, others do not. He could grow up to be anything in most of those. There is no One True Canon in the vast and splintered franchise he is a part of. It would be more accurate to say, rather than you would like to keep to 'canon', that you would like to keep to your personal vision of him and those who agree with that vision. Which by the way, this is perfectly okay. :) I just personally disagree with the practiced exclusion of possibilities and ideas, so I have further reason to take my leave. No hard feelings, nothing personal, and I do not think you are a bad person or anything. I totally respect you and your ideas. I just don't agree with the rules, and therefore decline.

Again, run your club how you like. It's your club! Your space! I am not asking you to change a thing, and I apologize for any misunderstanding. So, to whoever did ask for my art submission, thank you, I'm flattered, but no thanks.

You have a great evening! Happy arting!
New-Atlas Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

hello there :D  I am looking for some  bright new artistic who would like to get into a big art collaboration

the project is a reboot of a old sonic comic called sonic MoE and we here at new-atlas-studios  are very excited to get stared


if you wont to sign up go look at this page for more information…

JustJesss Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Hey there, fellow Tails lovers~!

I have come to ask for your help! I am a dummy!

I have a little YouTube show called Game Girl.
There I recently talked about the new Sonic Boom announcements and I'm also doing a Donkey Kong Country playthrough!

And this month I'm trying to reach 400 subscribers!

Please check it out, share, and subscribe if you like! pink heart bullet…;

And don't be shy to comment and share your love for Tails!Tails RULES Animation 

Thanks for your help!! :3
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